• Years in Business: Since 2004
  • Corporation: Yes
  • Federal ID#: 20-0668604
  • President/CEO: Brad L. Hitzfield
  • Executive VP: Craig Caudill
  • Director of Construction: Jim Garber

Description of Work

  • Size: From $100,000 to $20,000,000
  • Geographic Areas: Continental United States
  • Specification Sections: 072100 Thermal Insulation, 072500 Weather Barrier, 074113 Metal Roof Panels, 074213 Formed Metal Wall Panels, 074216 Metal Plate Wall Panels, 074217 Formed Metal Plate Panels, 074219 Insulated Metal Wall Panels, 074223 Composite Metal Panels, 074226 Wood Wall Panels, 074229 Terracotta Wall Panels, 074230 Grid-Supported Stone Cladding, 074233 Plastic Wall Panels, 074243 Phenolic Wall Panels, 074263 Unitized Panel Assemblies, 074293 Soffit Panels, 074453 Cementitious Panels, 084113 Aluminum-Framed Entrances, 084313 Aluminum-Framed Storefronts, 084413 Glazed Aluminum Curtain Walls, 085113 Aluminum Windows, 089116 Operable Wall Louvers, 089119 Fixed Louvers, 89123 Integral Louvers, 089513 Wall Vents, 089516 Soffit Vents, 089533 Explosion Vents, 102214 Security Mesh Partitions, 102216 Stainless Steel Suspended Wall Mesh, 107113 Aluminum Sun Screens, 107114 Terracotta Sun Screens, 108214 Aluminum Perforated Plate Panels, 108215 Corrugated Aluminum Perforated Panels, 108216 Green Screens, 108217 Cable Grilles

Performance Record

  • Judgments, claims, arbitration or suits against the firm, its officers or principals? No
  • Lawsuits, requested arbitration, mediation with regard to construction contracts?  No
  • Organization or its officer involved in bankruptcy or involuntary reorganization? No                                   

Trade References

  • Metl-Span Corporation, Dan Fulton, 972-221-6656
  • Morin Corporation, Kim Ciucci, 386-626-6789
  • Cambridge Architectural, Larry Windsor, 866-806-2385
  • Pro Fastening, Dave Suchecki, 317-872-6620
  • Morin, Jim White, 219-465-8334

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Project References

Name: Saint Francis Medical Center
Location: Cape Girardeau, MO
Contractor: Kiefner Brothers
Architect: Ohlson Lavoie Collarborative

Name: VA Polytrauma Rehabilitation Center
Location: Palo Alto, CA
Contractor: Walsh/Archer Construction
Architect: Smith Group

Name: JW Marriott
Location: Austin, TX
Contractor: Hunt Construction
Architect: HKS Architects

Name: TCAT Nissan Training Facility
Location: Murfreesboro, TN
Contractor: Denark Construction
Architect: Tuck-Hinton Architects, PLC

Name: Nordstrom at the Domain
Location: Austin, TX
Contractor: IBEX Construction
Architect: Callison, LLC

Name: IndyGo Downtown Transit Center
Location: Indianapolis, IN
Contractor: Weddle Brothers
Architect: URS Corporation

Name: Libbie Mill Library
Location: Henrico, VA
Contractor: Gulf Seaboard
Architect: BCWH Architects

Name: Sugar Creek Parking Garage
Location: Charlotte, NC
Contractor: Messer Construction
Architect: STV Architects, Inc

Name: St. Mary's Health Center
Location: Jefferson City, Missouri
Contractor: Alberici
Architect: Lawrence Group

Name: Children's Hospital Parking Garage
Location: Cincinnati, Ohio
Contractor: Al. Neyer

Architect: DNK Architects

Name: Owensboro Hospital Medical Center
Location: Owensboro, Kentucky
Contractor: Turner Construction
Architect: HGA Architects

Name: Wind Creek Casino, Hotel & Parking Garage
Location: Wetumpka, Alabama
Contractor: Flintco
Architect: Hnedak Bobo Group

Name: Norton Brownsboro Hospital
Location: Louisville, Kentucky
Contractor: Messer Construction
Architect: Karlsberger Architecture

Name: Indiana Convention Center
Location: Indianapolis, Indiana
Contractor: Shiel Sexton
Architect: Ratio Architects

Name: University of Louisville Biomedical
Location: Louisville, Kentucky
Contractor: Messer Construction
Architect: Arrasmith, Judd, Rapp, Chovan

Name: Beavercreek Elementary & Middle School
Location: Dayton, Ohio
Contractor: Quandel Danis
Architect: SHP Leading Design

Name: Deaconess Gateway Hospital
Location: Evansville, Indiana
Contractor: Bovis Lend Lease
Architect: The Estopinal Group

Name: IU Clarian Cancer Center
Location: Indianapolis, Indiana
Contractor: Turner Construction
Architect: Cannon Design

Name: Accident Fund Parking Garage
Location: Lansing, Michigan
Contractor: Christman Company
Architect: HOK

Name: Community Hospital North Parking Garage
Location: Indianapolis, Indiana
Contractor: Summit Construction
Architect: Carl Walker

Name: IU Health Saxony Medical Center
Location: Fishers, Indiana
Contractor: Turner Harmon
Architect: HKS Architects, Inc.

Name: IU Health Neuroscience Center Garage
Location: Indianapolis, Indiana
Contractor: F.A. Wilhelm
Architect: Cannon Design

Name: University of Kentucky Pharmacy Building
Location: Lexington, Kentucky
Contractor: Messer Construction
Architect: Ekhoff, Ochenkoski & Polk

Name: Jim Beam Technical Center
Location: Clermont, Kentucky
Contractor: Sullivan & Cozart, Inc.
Architect: Hubbuch & Co.

Name: Batelle Building 8
Location: Columbus, Ohio
Contractor: Messer Construction
Architect: BHDP Architects

Name: St. Vincent Hospital
Location: Indianapolis, Indiana
Contractor: Brasfield & Gorrie
Architect: Gresham Smith & Partners

Name: Clarian Arnett Hospital
Location: West Lafayette, Indiana
Contractor: Wilhelm Construction
Architect: Gresham Smith & Partners

Name: Norton Pediatrics
Location: Louisville, Kentucy
Contractor: Messer Construction
Architect: Laughlin Millea Hillman

Name: J W Marriott Hotel
Location: Indianapolis, Indiana
Contractor: Hunt Construction Group
Architect: CSO Architects

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Worker's Compensation

  • 2010 EMR: 0.88
  • 2011 EMR: 0.89
  • 2012 EMR: 0.90
  • 2013 EMR: 0.87
  • 2014 EMR: 0.85
  • 2015 EMR: 0.82
  • 2016 EMR: 1.10
  • 2017 EMR: 0.95
  • 2018 EMR: 0.89


  • Recordable Cases: 2007-0, 2008-0, 2009-0, 2010-0, 2011-0, 2012-0, 2013-0, 2014-0, 2015-0, 2016-0, 2017-1 
  • Been cited by OSHA for any serious or willful safety violations in the last 5 years? No
  • Written safety program?  Yes


  • General Liability: $1,000,000
  • Automobile: $1,000,000
  • Worker's Compensation: $1,000,000
  • Excess/Umbrella: $5,000,000
  • Anniversary Date: September 30
  • Carrier: Amerisure Insurance


  • Bonding Company: Available Upon Request
  • Bonding Agent: Available Upon Request
  • Surety Company's Rating:  AM Best's Rating – A++

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