Modern and dramatic design on St. Mary’s Hosptial employs Zinc and Terracotta Rainscreen Systems

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

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July 18th was the official groundbreaking celebration for St. Mary's Hospital in Jefferson City, Missouri.  The $200 million replacement facility will include an outpatient and emergency center, 174 patient rooms, and adjoining medical office building.  The general contractor, Alberici Healthcare, has awarded the 110,000 square-feet of rainscreen wall panels on the building exterior to ProCLAD.  Construction is expected to take two years with a scheduled opening date of January, 2015.

"Our growth and continuing focus on healthcare construction allows us to provide real value on larger, complex projects like St. Mary's," said Brad Hitzfield, President and CEO of ProCLAD.   "We are excited about strengthening our ongoing relationship with an experienced contractor like Alberici."

HGA and Lawrence Group Architects have detailed interlocking zinc panels and cream-colored terracotta to modern and dramatic effect.   St. Mary's President Brent VanConia unveiled illustrations of the new hospital as many employees and community members watched.  "It's a most exciting time," said Cathy Abrams, St. Mary's COO.  "It will be an ideal setting for exceptional, responsive care that a whole new generation of patients will come to know and trust."