Urban Library Located on Vermont Lake Opening in November 2015

Friday, September 25, 2015

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The development of the new Libbie Mill Library in Henrico County, VA is in its end stages as construction concludes and the institution prepares for its grand opening this November.  The $17.27 million project was commissioned in order to replace the city's two 50 year-old libraries that have become exceedingly worn down and outdated. Various architectural features were incorporated in order to make the space more welcoming and open, as well as to support and house the new technology being made available to patrons.


ProCLAD was selected by officials of the County of Henrico as well as by the general contractor, Gulf Seaboard General Contractors, Inc, to construct the exterior of the building, which began in August of 2015. The external façade integrates a variety of materials to give the structure a classic yet contemporary appearance. Terracotta panels make up the majority of the structure, while accents of fiber-reinforced cementitious and high-performance concrete panels near the windows and midsections of the building add a modern touch.